Welcome to RECREATE Platform!

The platform was developed under the project Counselling via Social Media aiming is to facilitate the career guidance servicesby offering innovative online tools to be used through social media and which will significantly save valuable time from the career professionals, so they can focus on other parameters and address them more effectively, such as how to take advantage of a person’s strong points, while mitigating the weak ones.



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The Platform offers several features to job counselors and to their clients.

If you are:




You will have access to dedicated Career tools and :
  • You can test your Skills and Competences by taking self assessment tests
  • You can test your Basic Skills by taking corresponding quizzes
  • You will be guided for the building of an attractive CV through the CV booklet
  • You can create and upload your Europass CV


You will have access to dedicated courses covering the following subjects:
  • How to use the platform
  • How to use and analyses the results the career tools
  • How to facilitate the decision making process
  • How to improve skills and qualifications
  • How you will take advantages from Mobility across EU borders


BOTH Clients and Counselors will have access to social tools
(social networking, forum, wiki pages and groups)
for exchanging ideas and opinions.